Monday, December 16, 2013

Fashion and Fitness (My Recommendations!)

For many people, throwing on a pair of old sweats and a ratty t-shirt is the perfect gym outfit. I mean, you're only going to get sweaty and gross anyway so what's the point in looking nice. That's how I used to think. I would throw my hair up in a messy ponytail and throw on an outfit I didn't give two hoots about and would make my way to the gym. When I got there, I found that I really did care about how I looked and looking all grubby did not motivate me at all to work out or push myself to get results.

My mindset began to change when I noticed how awesome fitness apparel was. There were so many options and I was missing out on them completely! Being the fashion lover that I am, I decided to change up what I wore. I threw out my raggedy looking tanks and worn sweatpants and replaced them vivid cutoffs and sweat wick leggings. I found that changing my wardrobe definitely motivated me to go to the gym more. By looking good, I felt good and it only pushed me to get my results to feel even better.

Sometimes wearing motivational things helps me focus

This showed me that I should strive to be the best and in this case, look my best in all aspects of my life. Think about it, when take the time to put yourself together and look your best, you feel like you can conquer the world. This can be applied in everything that you do, including fitness. Now I'm not saying you have to put on a whole face of makeup (though if that makes you comfortable, go for it! Those who judge don't matter), but wear something that is comfortable but also makes you feel good. I enjoy matching my outfit with the shoes I'm wearing or choosing that will add a pop of color, whether it be my socks or top.

 One of my favorite pair of sneakers

Whether you are a gym veteran or noob, think about changing your style once in a while. If you're stumped on what to wear, here are some of my recommendations and favorites!

I hope this was helpful! If you have any questions please let me know in the comment section, I will try my best to answer it!

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  1. I'll have to share this with my wife--I look the same no matter what I wear! :) But I do try to look presentable. I save my ratty clothes for doing dirty chores around the house. Then I can just throw them out afterwards if I feel the need.