Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Hello out there!

First off, thank you for taking your time to read this fitness blog of mine. I have to admit starting this is a little intimidating because it's revealing a very personal side of me. Fitness has always been in my life in some way, shape or form. When I was young, I always played some sort of sport and loved it. As I got older, aka the high school and college years, being fit took a backseat to boys, fashion and of course school. That's when I began to notice the weight gain, tighter clothes and the chubbier cheeks. It didn't help that I loved to eat (this is still one of my vices) and ate out all the time. My metabolism couldn't keep up with the amount of food I stuffed in my mouth and my body began to retaliate. 

I had tried on and off for years to get back in shape. I took classes and went to the gym three times a week. I made sure to eat breakfast and portion control. But I was getting little to no results. There was a time I even got desperate, limiting myself to about 1000 calories a day. Still, I didn't like what I was seeing in the mirror and would fall back to my usual terri-bad eating habits and inactivity within a few weeks. 

Things began to change about a year ago. The Mister and I just moved to a new place and signed up to a new gym. We were both tired of being out of shape and really wanted to push the limits of what we could physically do and be the best versions of ourselves. So I decided to wipe the slate clean of all past assumptions and conclusions. I created a workout plan fit for me and changed my diet. I told myself to give it more than a month and stick to the plan. To my surprise, my body began to change and I became stronger, more focused and energetic. I had a revelation and finally understood that in order to achieve what I wanted, it needed to be a lifestyle change, not just a habit. I had finally found my golden ticket. 

Of course, I am not perfect. I still binge and stuff my face. I take breaks from the gym. Am I where I want to be? No. There is still a lot more work to be done. The difference between my former and current self is the knowledge and patience I have accrued in this journey. Changes do not come over night and anything worth keeping needs to be earned. 

So this blog won't just be about the rainbows, daisies and unicorns in fitness. This is to show the more vulnerable side and the highs and lows that come with this journey. Believe me, if everyone had the self-discipline and motivation they claim to have, we would see healthier people. 

That being said, please come and follow me on this path towards being a better version of yourself. I hope that this blog will motivate you to finally take that leap of faith in whatever it is you wish to accomplish. Remember, we are never ready, we just have to jump and see what comes.