Thursday, February 6, 2014

Top Ten Gym No-Nos

If you have been to the gym, you have either been a victim or witness of a gym no-no or have committed one yourself. Most of the time people aren't even aware they are committing a gym sin and go on their merry way to fitness bliss. Don't be one of those people! Here are my top ten gym no-nos.

1-Leaving your weights racked- This isn't your personal gym. Do us all a favor and un-rack your plates once your are done. If I need the leg press, I don't want to have to remove ten 45 pound plates from it. It takes a lot of energy to take all those plates off and honestly, if you had the strength to press all of it, you can take them back off.

2-Putting equipment back- Put your damn dumbbells back to where they belong. Don't get lazy and put 50 pound dumbbells where the 20 pound ones go or leave them on the floor for people to trip over them.

3- Being a slob at the gym- Just because you are at a place to break a sweat, it doesn't mean you shouldn't shower or be hygienic. Please be courteous to those around you, no one likes to smell old food, body odor or any other sort of foul smells from other people when they work out.

4-Hogging cardio/weight machines- Don't leave your water bottle, towel, gym bag, phone etc., etc., to hold a machine or bench for you. It's rude when it's an empty gym but it's downright wrong in a busy gym. This is not a personal gym where you can do your circuit training and hog all the machines.

5-Sweating all over the machines and not wiping it down- You know all the horror stories you hear about infections and germs at the gym? That's because people don't have the decency to wipe down machines or benches after they stain them with sweat. Carry a towel and use the sanitary wipes/sprays the gyms offer.

6- Lurking- If you need to use a certain piece of equipment or machine, open your mouth and say so. Don't shoot dirty looks or stare at the person using the machine. It makes for an uncomfortable environment. If you see they are taking a while for rest breaks, ask to work in your sets with them. Chances are they won't mind at all.

7-Loud grunting or screaming- I understand if you are lifting a heavy weight and grunt from exertion. I got that, but when you are screaming like Tarzan or bellowing like a frost giant, it's time to shut up, for serious. What gets me even more upset is when a person will wail and scream with his trainer but alone he's as quiet as can be. Don't grunt or scream to seek attention. Everyone is here to do the same thing.

8-Having a full fledged conversation on your phone- I know sometimes we all need to answer that one important phone call and that's fine. However, having a full conversation while on the stairmaster or treadmill is distracting to those around you. Another thing, if you can talk easily while on a cardio machine, you aren't burning as many calories as you think.

9-Treating the locker room like your personal bathroom- My ladies locker room is pretty small as it is. What drives me up the wall is seeing locks on lockers and knowing that I'm the only female present. If you aren't there, don't keep a locker. I've also noticed that women tend to take up all the counter space with their cosmetics and toiletries as well. It's a communal place, treat it as such and be aware of your surroundings.

10- Judging others- This has got to be one of my top gym no-nos. We all go to the gym to work out and better ourselves physically and mentally. There is no reason for you to look at someone and critique what they're doing. There is also no reason for you give unsolicited information/advice to a person if they did not ask. Instead, be supportive!

No, no, I don't want your advice...thanks though!

Have you done any of these gym faux pas? Or what irks you when you work out?